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Wheaton Creek Ranch - Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Jeremy Davis

Jeremy Davis

Mid May 2019 - Bluff Dale, TX

Wheaton Creek Ranch or the 3 Bar S... or what ever you wanna call it... I’ve dubbed it my home away from home! This country is amazing! The views are inspiring and a more picturesque setting would be hard to find. It’s a great example of our God’s awesome power and his wisdom in creation. If that weren’t enough... the accommodations at this place are second to none. The stuccoed living quarters are spacious and furnished to the hilt with a distinctively warm and rustic “New Mexican” feel. Owner David Stanley spared no expense when it came to lodging on this beautiful property. Even the walls of his establishment are adorned with his own paintings of the surrounding landscapes on Wheaton Creek Ranch. Through a skilled brush he effectively brings the outdoors, in. The main lodge area is nestled amongst a small grove of apple trees which were in full, showy white bloom while we were there. Having a beautifully laid out courtyard with flagstone walkways meandering through a yard interspersed by spruce, cottonwood and quaking aspen trees. A burbling brook trickles it’s way through the grounds connecting crystal clear ponds, one to another, and is teaming with a number of small fish. There’s just something mesmerizing about the creek’s sound as you swing in the swaying hammocks strung tautly from tree to tree that ensures a peaceful nap around siesta time! A plush green carpet of Kentucky Bluegrass will cushion your feet should you decide to “barefoot it” down to the hot tub cabana. “Soaking in” both the hot tub and the views of a grassy valley stretched below the incline of Hall’s Peak is so nice. What a place to kickback and relax! So if you’re looking for a place to “get away from it all” and get back in touch with the natural beauty of God’s creation, I can think of no better place to do so... trust me... you won’t be disappointed! Sincerely, The Davis Family

Rick Thomas

Spring 2019 - Ocate, New Mexico

First opportunity to stay and hunt with Wheaton Creek Ranch. While I was not successful in my Merriams turkey hunt, birds had just moved too far this spring, the lodge was amazing to stay and the staff, Brad and Dave, were very accommodating. The guide, Shaun, worked real hard to put us on birds. I am looking forward to booking an elk hunt for 2020!


Winter 2019 - Ocate

What great experience!!! this is my 2nd year elk hunt at this Ranch. Staff is fantastic rooms are cleaned everyday. Just to say Freezer is full!! Looking forward to this next season. Thanks again Weatoncreek ranch Jason


January, 2019. Elk hunt - Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Just got back from another successful elk hunt at Wheaton Creek Ranch. As usual the accommodations were outstanding and the ranch personnel were friendly and attentive. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great hunting experience in northern New Mexico.

Robert Curtis

Mid November Elk Hunt - Fort Worth, Texas

I’ve been hunting the Wheaton Creek Ranch since 1999. Twice in that time I hunted Colorado, as I did last year with old hunting buddies. I won’t make that mistake a third time. We are set for the mid November elk hunt at the ranch this year, and I can’t wait. Awesome place, people, experiences.

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