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Rates & Packages

Wheaton Creek Ranch is pleased to offer the following hunt opportunities as part of our Wildlife Management Program. The objective of our program is to preserve and enhance wildlife health and diversity on the ranch.



All Inclusive Hunts: 

For all inclusive hunts Wheaton Creek Ranch provides gourmet meals, deluxe lodging accommodations (double occupancy for 2x1, private suits for 1x1), private landowner tags, 2 on 1 guide service and field dressing of each animal harvested. The package price does not include New Mexico State License fees ($627 for 2020) or Sales Tax (.067708) or any gratuities associated with the hunt.

Other Information:

All of our hunts are guaranteed land owner tags through New Mexico's Elk Private Lands Use System. Our ranch is private use only, meaning only hunters who have purchased their hunt through us directly have access to can hunt on our land. We have over 15,000 acres of prime elk habitat spread out over 40,000 acres.

Our 2018 Premier Bull Elk Rifle Success Rate: 90%

Our 2018/2019 Premier Cow Elk Rifle Success Rate: 100%

Bull Elk Note:

Although we receive over 200 landowner permits which allow for Bull Elk harvest, we only authorize between 20% - 25%, preserving quality and overall herd health.

Either Sex Archery Hunt

Can also add a COMBO Archery Merriam Turkey Hunt for an additional $500 plus $500 per bird harvested (price does not include taxes and licensing fee). We have a record number of Merriam turkey on the Ranch this year.

*Updated 1/17/21


    • Date
    • $7,950
      • September 1 - 5  2022 4 openings
      • September 8 - 12 2022 4 openings
      • September 15 - 19 2022 3 openings
      • September 20-24 2022 1 opening

Mule Deer Muzzleloader Hunt


  • Date
  • Cost
  • September 26 - October 2 Dates are not final until NMGF sets dates (Available for 2021 and 2022)
  • $8,450 + trophy fees > 180 

Bull Elk Muzzleloader Hunt


  • Date
  • Cost
    • 2021 October 16-20 RUT  Sold Out
    • 2022 October 15-19 RUT (1 spot available) 
    • $9,950

      • Bull Elk Rifle Hunt


        • Date
        • Cost

        We are booked for the 2021-22 except for the Thanksgiving hunt now open. See below.

        We are booking  for our 2022-2023 season now, so contact us if you want a book for that season.

          • 2021 First Rifle Oct. 17-21 (Sold Out)
          • 2022 First Rifle Oct. 15-19( Sold Out)
          • 2023 First Rifle Oct. 14-18 (Available) $9,950 

          • 2021 Second Rifle Oct 23-Oct 27 (Sold Out)  
          • 2022 Second Rifle Oct 22-Oct 26 (Sold Out)  
          • 2023 Second Rifle Oct 21-Oct 25 (Available)  $9,150

          We still have some great Late Season Bull Hunts available for 2022

          • We offer Late Season Bull Hunts in November and in December. Price is $7,950 plus tax. These hunts enjoy several benefits. By then the Bull are in Bachelor herds, they can be scheduled at times that are convenient to your group and the colder the better for the migratory Bull herds in the high country of over 9,000' that come down into our lower country. These are some of our return hunters favorite hunts. 
            • EXCLUSIVE THANKSGIVING  BULL HUNT FOR 4 BULL HUNTERS AND 4 TURKEY HUNTERS AS WELL AS NON HUNTING GUESTS NOW AVAILABLE FOR 2021.  We also have a great family environment set up for this vacation package if you are interested in bringing your family and friends. We provide the food and you can have the exclusive use of the ranch. It is a truly special experience! COME 2 DAYS EARLY AND HARVEST A TURKEY. WE WILL SMOKE IT FOR YOU TO HAVE DURING YOUR THANKSGIVING HUNT, AWESOME!

            • These hunts dates are booking each year based on wildlife objectives and customized needs of your group. Contact us at 575-666-2211 or email info@wheatoncreekranch.com for more information.

          Antlerless Elk Hunts in December/January


          • Date
          • Cost
          • 3 day hunt: food, double occupancy lodging, 2x1 guide service
          • 2021-2022, 2022-2023 season pricing $2,450
          • Upgrade to private suite if available $300
          • Guest fee food and lodging $600  
          • 1x1 fee $600 and includes Guest ride-a-long privileges 
          • All Antlerless Cow Elk Hunts enjoy the same great service, Food and Lodging as our Bull Hunts. Our ranch is a favorite with wives and other non-hunting guests. 
          • Does NOT include New Mexico License and Fees, Tax or Gratuity
          • Our 2021-2022 Season just had 4 openings in January, due to Covid concerns. This is presenting an opportunity for some great last minute bookings. If you want to book for 2021 or want to book for our 2022-2023 Season, please contact us as soon as possible. Anyone booked for the 2022-2023 Season will have priority status for our waiting list should we have cancelations for the 2021-2022 Season. 

          Purchase Your New Mexico Hunting License

          Merriam Turkey Hunt


          • Date
          • Cost 
          • Merriam Turkey Hunts are Inclusive of all costs except New Mexico Hunting Licenses ($100 ), Taxes and Gratuities. For 1 x 1 add $600
          • We offer Fall /Winter  "special"  Turkey/Elk Hunt Combos  For September with a Bull Archery Hunt, and November with a Bull Rifle Hunt. Price for Hunt Fee with this offer is $500 plus an additional $500 harvest fee, one bird only. Available only as a package with a booked Elk Hunt.
          • Spring 2022 Merriam Turkey April 15 - May 10 (Bearded Only) 1 bird $2,250 - 2 birds $2,750   Price is for 2x1 and double occupancy.   $600 1x1 fee includes a private room
          • We still have a few spots. Call for more information

          Bear & Cougar Hunt


          • These hunts are available based on surveys and estimated detrimental effects on other wildlife on our Ranch. Please contact us at 575-666-2211 or email info@wheatoncreekranch.com for updates and information.

          Exclusive Use


          • For groups of 6 or more you, your family or friends can reserve our entire Ranch and receive the exclusive use of our accommodations, grounds and all the amenities we have to offer. We enjoy the opportunity to customize our services to your particular groups' desires to give you the best possible experience.
          • One on one guides services are an additional $1,500.

          Upgrades and Non-Hunter Guest Rates


          • 1x1 Guide Service for 3 day Cow Elk Hunt $600, for Bull Elk Hunt $1,500 
          • Guest Fees (must be accompanied by hunter) -                                                                                                                                                Food & Lodging $600 (3 day) / $750 (5 day) per person, upgrade to Ride Along (Experience all the excitement of the hunt) $1200 (3 day) $1,500 (5 day)
          •  Hunter with guest enjoys extra benefit of a private suit. More than one guest? multi-room suites can accomodate up to 4 persons
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